Support for Windows 7 ends (mid January) Upgrade to Windows 10 before its too late!

You may have heard the news, Microsoft is pulling support for Windows 7 users forcing users to upgrade to Windows 10. O’Fallon Computers makes upgrading fast, easy and secure Contact us to get started

Is upgrading to Windows 10 mandatory?

No upgrading t0 Windows 10 is not mandatory, we do encourage you to upgrade your system, as this ensures you get the most recent updates from Microsoft.

Can my current system run Windows 10?

Unfortunately quite a few factors go into deciding if your computer can run Windows 10.  We ask that you contact us so that we can better assist you

If Upgrade will I loose all my files?

Generally speaking, no your information would not be affected, that being said we can make a full back up of your information prior to performing to upgrade.

How much does it cost to perform the upgrade?

The cost can vary anywhere between $90.00 and $165.00. It will depend on the situation, everyone’s situation is unique 

Not ready to upgrade yet?

We understand you may not be ready to pull the trigger just yet on upgrading to Windows 10. We are here to help answer any questions you may be

Step #1 We back your Information

Before upgrading to Windows 10, O’Fallon Computers will make a FUL back up of your important information, pictures, documents, videos, etc, we are unable to back up any programs.

Step #2 Download files / Install

After backing your important information, we will get your Windows 10 ready to upgrade. We download all the updates needed to make everything as smooth as possible. We then then install Windows 10

Step #3 Enjoy Windows 10

After your upgrade has been completed, we make sure everything is up to date, so that your computer is running at top-notch performance. You can now enjoy all the benefits of Windows 10.

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