About Us

Welcome to O'Fallon Computers!

My Name is Anthony, owner, and operator of O’Fallon Computers.


O’Fallon Computers was established in April of 2015 and serves St. Charles County and surrounding areas to provide a wide variety of tech-related services to the community.


When I started out, the original name of the company was Ctrl + R Tech Services.  After about a year of having the company established, I realized that the name just didn’t feel right.  A few months later I decided that a name change was needed – after some research, I discovered that www.ofalloncomputers.com was available as a web domain so I purchased the domain and never looked back!


Ever since the name change, O’Fallon Computers has blossomed into a thriving business, I am thrilled that every day I get to the serve our customers, and keep my customers up-to-date with technology!


Anthony Jackson



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