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Windows 11 release date update, how to prepare for your upgrade.
I am sure by now you have heard the news. The most anticipated version of Microsoft Windows is coming this fall to homes and businesses around the globe! The biggest question we are getting at O'Fallon Computers is WHEN is Windows 11 coming, and how do I prepare for the upgrade?
Microsoft Windows 11 compatibility tool is now available for download. (Updated version)
Hey everyone, Tony here from O'Fallon Computers! O'Fallon Computers and it's partners have been following Windows 11 very closely. In today's post I am super excited to share a new development with you.

Windows 11 is coming on October 5th! Are you ready?
It's official! Microsoft has announced an official release date for Windows 11! Mark your calendars for October 5th! If you have a computer that is running Windows 10, you are eligible for a FREE upgrade to Windows 11. We do not know how long this will be free, so now is the time to take action!

Commonly asked questions Windows 11
Microsoft Windows 11 is officially LIVE! NOW is the time to claim your FREE upgrade! The phone is ringing here at O'Fallon Computers and people are hesitating about upgrading. We still have so many unanswered questions when it comes to Windows 11. In this post I thought it would be good to lay out some of the commonly asked questions regarding Windows 11

Windows update is not showing me the option to upgrade, is something wrong?
Microsoft Windows 11 has been out for a couple of days. Did you take the plunge and upgrade? If you are looking to upgrade to Windows 11, or just have some questions about upgrading, we are here to help! O'Fallon computers proudly serves St.Charles County. Contact us today to get started - 636-980-6472.

I upgraded to Windows 11. Can I revert back to Windows 10 or am I stuck?
Recently I had a customer call and ask me a very interesting question. "Tony, if I upgrade my computer to Windows 11, can I revert back to Windows 10, or am I stuck with Windows 11?"