Data Back Up Services

O’Fallon Computers can make a FULL back up of your important information! Remember that computers can be replaced – when you lose information it is very hard or impossible to rebuild. Pricing starts at just $60.00!


Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to back up my data?

We are unable to provide an exact time of how long it will take to back your information. It really depends on how much information you have. Most of the time it is a fairly quick process!

Can you back up Quickbooks and Quicken Files?

Yep! We sure can – Please keep in mind that sometimes files can be infected and even corrupted – that can often lead to bigger issues!

My computer won't turn on - is my information safe?

Actually… YES If your computer does not turn on, there is still a chance that we can retrieve your files!. Every situation is unique.

How much does this cost?

We start our pricing at just $60.00 If you do not have an excessively large amount of data – we are more than willing to work with you on the price – it will depend on how much information you need backed up!

My laptop was dropped - can you help?

This is a very delicate situation, parts inside of computers can be damaged very easily.  Your computer will need to be brought in for advanced diagnostics.

Can you back my information at my home or business?

We can back up information at your location if your computer can boot into Windows – if your computer is unable to boot, we will need to take it in for repair services or advanced data recovery.


I'm on a budget - can i do this my self?

Yes, you can back up your own data.  I would encourage you to get assistance, sometimes files and folders and be hidden and therefore very hard to find.

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