Frequently asked questions

Does O'Fallon Computers repair Apple products?

At this time O’Fallon Computers not repair apple products. We primarily work with Microsoft Windows. (Windows 10 ) We do have someone we can recommend if you are in need of apple repair. Please contact us with any additional  questions you may have. (636) 980-6472

Is there still time to upgrade to Windows 10?

Yes! You still have time to upgrade Windows 10. We strongly encourage this upgrade as support for earlier versions of windows has ended. Please note that just because your computer is eligible for the upgrade does not mean that you should upgrade. Please contact us to learn more.

Can you make a house call if needed?

O’Fallon Computers does offer onsite services, we can come to your home or business. Contact us today with your specific need, so that we can better assist you!

My computer crashed! Can you recover my information?

Often times yes, we are able to retrieve your information, we will not know until we actually start the process. We encourage you to always make a full bac your information. Disaster can strike at any time.

I spilled water on my laptop? What can i do?

If a water spill does occur power of your device immediately  it is important that after you power down the system you do not try and reboot as this will make matters worse. Often times we can get your files, but we take this case by case. We have no way of knowing if your information can be recovered until we try. We do offer Data back up services.

What are you guidelines for Covid-19?

O’Fallon Computers does offer a noncontact option, simply call us to set up a time you can leave your device at the door and we call you with any additonal information we may need.