Microsoft Windows 10 review

Welcome back, friends! We are back with another very exciting blog post! I decided to change it up a bit this time around, for this blog post the topic we will be covering today is “Microsoft Windows 10 review” You may or may not have heard the recent news… Microsoft has made the bold and courageous decision to pull support for windows 7 home and business users, this is forcing Windows 7 users to make a rather uncomfortable decision.

Microsoft Windows 7 was officially released on October 22nd, 2009. It really is no surprise that this actually happening Windows 7 was one of Microsoft’s most stable operating systems by far, it had a good run of 11 years, that being said the new must come in and old must go away.

When Microsoft Windows 10 first released, I will be the first person to say it was extremely buggy, I can’t even tell you how many calls we got, of people saying “I upgraded to Windows 10 and I HATE IT Is there a way to go back to Windows 7?”

Let’s start with talking about the interphase, it is actually pretty decent, the one mistake that I feel they made with Windows 10 was changing the way the start menu looked, they really took away that classic Windows feel not just in Windows 7, that start menu goes all the back to Windows XP, (maybe earlier. O’Fallon Computers has done quite a few Windows 10 upgrades and we discovered quickly that the traditional start menu was something that consumers missed, that being said… there is a small “hack” for this if you will there is a program called “Classic shell”  that you can download, what this would do is give your computer more of a Windows 7 fee. If you need help getting this tool installed, please feel free to contact us so that we can better assist you (this really is a helpful tool to have)

Microsoft Windows 10 review

In regards to your programs they renamed “All Programs” to All apps, I am going, to be honest, here I didn’t like this I understand its 2020 and everything is “app-based”, but to be completely honest with you, this really confused a lot of people, whether you decided to purchase a new computer, upgrade your current computer, one of the biggest questions we got was “Where are my programs” the whole “app” concept really threw people for a loop. I really feel that is why Windows 8 was a bust, this new “app” concept was first introduced when Windows 8 was released.

Next up we are going to talk about Cortana, I actually kind of like Cortana, if you are feeling rather lazy she can be your best friend, the downfall is this does require a microphone so if you do have a desktop with Windows 10 you will need to have a webcam/ microphone as it picks up speech if you have a laptop without a webcam the same rule applies. You can do quite a bit with Cortana, check out this link to learn more.

Microsoft Edge = I have one word for you DONT. I have Nothing but problems with Microsoft edge, this was Microsoft’s way of replacing “Internet Explorer” I feel they like they did everything they could to make it work but just failed When we set new computers up the first thing we do use edge to download Google Chrome (Most people use chrome or Firefox) Microsoft comes preinstalled With edge, and they make it pretty clear that you should use it, I have seen pops saying “switch to Microsoft edge to get more speed”, things like that it is rather annoying, to be honest, all that being said some people like but it’s just not for everyone if you are coming from internet explorer, it will feel rather new to you.

Overall the interphase is easy to use, Windows 10 has enhanced security features, this is another reason why they want you to upgrade. everything seems to run pretty smooth, but it was not always this way, As I said above it was extremely buggy when it was first released, but over the past few years it has actually become a very stable operating system. As of now, Microsoft has no plans to release a “Windows 12”, so you are stuck with it for a little while anyway, if you need help getting things set up and learning Windows 10 to send us a message we would be happy to help!

Should you upgrade to Windows 10, the answer is YES you should, do you have to upgrade NO but we strongly recommend it as Microsoft will not be pushing any more updated out to Windows 7 users, this puts your computer and your information at risk, there is still time to upgrade if you not already.

Did you upgrade to Windows 10? Did everything go according to plan let us know in the comments what you think of Windows 10, it has many benefits, but most do not get a chance to enjoy them because the average person does on the computer.

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