Welcome back! In the last blog post, I shared with you that Microsoft had made the bold decision that they were going to stop supporting their Windows 7 operating system. If you have not already read the blog post regarding this, you can check it out here. The post includes some very helpful information regarding upgrading to Windows 10.

In today’s blog post I want to share with you how to set up a NEW computer with Windows 10 on it. I had mentioned in the previous blog post that just because your computer was eligible for a Windows 10 upgrade doesn’t mean you should upgrade.

You may have made the decision to purchase a new computer – there is a difference in setting a new computer with Windows 10 pre-installed and upgrading to Windows 10. WARNING:  If you decide to purchase a NEW computer the new computer will be running Windows 10.  It is going to be extremely hard to find any computer, desktop or laptop, that is running Windows 7 because of support being pulled, so you are stuck with Windows 10. You may be saying to yourself. ” I heard Windows 10 sucked”, or “I heard it is not user-friendly”.  To be honest when Windows 10 was released it wasn’t without its problems, the system was very buggy, but over the past few years the developers have made changes to the platform and Windows 10 is very user-friendly now. Windows 10 is not going anywhere any time soon, there are no plans for a Windows 12, they are going to continue to improve Windows 10.

Now that you have purchased your new Windows 10 computer, how do you set your computer up for success? Before you even turn your new system on, the first thing you should have completed is backing up your important files and information from your old PC or laptop. O’Fallon Computers offers data back up solutions, we can make a FULL backup of your computer starting at just $60.00. Please contact us to get started.

After your important information is backed up, you can get started with the setup of your new computer.  When going through the setup, be sure to connect to your internet at your home and business – the moment you do this the computer will attempt to find any updates.  Take the time to let Windows find the right updates, in some cases you could be out of the date by an entire version – every update improves Windows 10, so be sure to stay up to date!

During the setup you will come to a point where it will ask you to create a “Microsoft Account” – this is a VERY important account, be sure that you use an email that you can check, and a number that you do not plan on using, this information is used when making purchases, and it plays a role in resetting your password. Microsoft is very big on security, so be sure you set everything up correctly, this could cause a really big headache down the road if you forget your password.

After the initial setup you will be up and running Windows – notice right off the bat there’s a blue “E”, this is called “Microsoft Edge”.  This is the default browser built into Windows 10. You will not be able to use Internet Explorer like you used to. You can use Edge as your browser but you can also download Google Chrome or another browser of your choice.  Think about what you used on your old computer, this will help you determine what browser to use. Google Chrome and Mozilla both good choices.

After your browser has been downloaded and installed, download Adobe Acrobat Reader, – this is the program you will use to read PDF files. Windows 10 does have a PDF reader built into Windows but it’s not that great, you can download Adobe reader by using this link, (un-check any optional program / download boxes you see and then select Download”.

This is going to cover the basics of the setup, you will then need to transfer the data that you backed up to the new computer.  O’Fallon Computers will take care of this for you if we set up the computer for you. Please note you will need to install any programs like Microsoft Office, tax programs, and anything that requires a license code.

If you feel you can set up your printer, you can do that as well, I would be sure that your printer has what’s called a driver to see if it can run Windows 10. You can contact with any questions you may have to verify that information.

the last and final thing you want to do is remove of the “bloatware”.  Bloatware is the additional unneeded programs that are installed on your new computer, you can go to control panel and uninstall any programs you may have on your system that you are not using or going to use.

During the setup process, you may be asked to create a password and or a a PIN number, be mindful of this information as you will use it log into your computer. Congratulations, your new computer is set up for success!  O’Fallon Computers does offer a very unique service called “New computer setup and consultation”.  We will take you to the store personally, help you pick out the perfect computer for your needs, and help you set everything up, we make getting a new computer very easy! Give us a call today (636) 980-6472.

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