computer repair

Some of our pc repair services include...

Welcome to O'Fallon Computers we are your pc repair experts we proudly server St. Charles county, MO. If you are not seeing the pc repair service you are looking for, please feel free to contact us

PC Repair

O'Fallon Computers works on  most types of computers. HP Dell, Toshiba etc... At this time we currently do not service Apple products.

Laptop Repair

Need laptop repair? No problem! O'Fallon Computers has you covered! Broken Screens, or just need an upgrade? Contact us with your specific need todaay!

Windows 10 Upgrades

Support for Windows 7 did stop some time ago. If you not upgraded for free to Windows 10 their is still time! Contact us today to get started!

Wifi Upgrades

When is the last time you upgraded your home or business WIFI network? Often times the router from Charter is not enough to support all your devices.

Data Backup

Unfortunately  disaster can strike at any time. O'Fallon Computers can make a FULL back up of your important information. Remember computers can be replaced memories can't

Onsite services

O'Fallon Computers offers onsite services for home and business! Please feel free to contact us with your specific need. Get started today! (636) 980-6472

Virus Removal

Often times your computer can be infected with a computer virus, and you may not even be aware. We can help remove those pesky viruses!
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Custom PCs

Have you ever thought about building your own computer. If yes, then we can help! We can build you any computer you can imagine, home business and YES even GAMING!

SSD Upgrades

Did you know the average life a computers HDD is about 3-7 years? Upgrading your Hard drive to an SSD, Can give you a really big bump in performance, besides nodoy like s slow computer!

Computer Recycling

We offers computer recycling, Please click the button below to learn more 
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