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Router Upgrades

Do you feel like your WI-Fi connection at your home or business has slowed down? This may be a good time to consider upgrading your router. O’Fallon Computers can get you running at top-notch speed!

Laptop Repair

O’Fallon Computers services all major laptop brands, we do everything from replacing a broken laptop screen to installing a new motherboard. We can accommodate just about any need. We do not currently work on Apple products

Custom Built Computers

O’Fallon Computers offers Custom Built computers! We can build you just about any computer you can imagine. Whether you haveĀ  a computer at home, or a business or perhaps you would like a gaming computer. We can help

Virus Removal

Do you feel like the performance of your computer has slowed down? You may bed infected with a virus or a malware infection. We can remove that pesky infection and get you back up and running!

Outlook Setup

Microsoft Outlook is becoming increasingly popular, this is a great tool if you own a business! O’Fallon Computers can configure your account to send a received email. Checking email has never been easier.

Data Backup

Disaster can strike at any moment! Remember computers can be fixed but precious memories can be lost. We offer Data back up services to help keep all your important information safe. Contact us today.

Windows 10 Upgrades

Support for Windows 7, will be ending sometime mid-January, Have you upgraded to Microsofts latest operating system Windows 10? Upgrading is fast, easy and secure. Get started today.

Desktop Repair

We service all major brands of desktops. HP, Toshiba, Dell Asus and more! We do everything from helping you purchase a new computer to keeping your system healthy so you get the most out of your computer

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