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Virus Removal

If you feel like the performance of your computer has slowed down. or you are seeing unwanted prpgrams installed, you could be infected. Often times you can be infected an not even know it.

Desktop Repair

O’Fallon Computers most major makes and models of your computers. At this time we currently do not work on Apple products. Please contact is with your specific need.


New Computer Setup

Did you purchase a nw computer, and need some help setting things up? Yep we can help with that to. We  make sure devices are connnected youo are back in business!


Data Back Up

Disaster can strike at any moment. When is the last time you backed your computers important files? O’Fallon Computers can make a full back of your import information.

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Laptop Repair

Broken screens hardware upgrades, Broken power jacks, O’Fallon Computers has you covered! Please feel free to contact us with any additonal questions you may have.

Windows Upgrades

Have you upgraded to Microsoft’s most current version of windows? You can still upgrade to Windows 10 for free if you have not already. Please feel free to contact us with any questioons.

Onsite Services

O’Fallon Computers offers onsite services, home and business! Pricing can vary, We ask that you pleaqse contact us with your specific need so we can know excatly how to assist you