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virus removal

Virus Removl

Often times your computer can be infected with a computer virus, and you may not be aware. O'Fallon Computers offers virus removal service, and can help minimize the threat. Below are some common sings of being infected.

Slow perfornace

Has your computers performance suddenly dropped, does it take longer for your system to fully boot up? You could have a bug!

Unwanted Pop ups

If you are seeing unwarted pop ups, telling you that your computers errors, this is clear sign you have an infection

Home Page Changed

If you computers home page has suddenly changed, this is of a sign of your browser has been hijacked.

Files missing

Computers virus love to hide your important files in different places in your computer This could be a sign.

Random Reboots

If your computer starts randomly rebooting., this could be a sign of a corrupter file from computer virus.

Browser Redirects

If you are typing a website URL and that URL redirects to the wrong location, this can be a sign of a computer virus.
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