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Create and launch your own blog in 2020! Getting started with WordPress for beginners!

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.Hey, there fellow entrepreneurs! I have a question for you… Have you ever pondered the thought of starting a blog? What was the one thing that terrified you the most about getting started? Did you freak out like me when you realized how much work it was actually going to be? Did you think to yourself ” I am not “techy” enough to start a blog why bother?

I remembered when I made the decision that I was going to teach myself WordPress. I wanted to have complete control of my website and be able to make changes when I wanted to. I absolutely loved the fact that I did not have to learn to code, everything was almost dragged and drop for the most part.

In this guide, I am super excited to share with you how to not only get started with WordPress but also get you familiar with some key fundamental things you need implement before your launch day Launching your own blog is very exciting, I won’t lie to you it’s a lot of work, you should be proud of what you accomplished!

Welcome to “WordPress for beginners” OK let’s go ahead dig into the good stuff. Let’s go ahead and find out what you need to get the process of going!
1) A winning domain name – This is like the bread and the butter of the whole piece of the puzzle! Every good business idea starts with the perfect domain name! WordPress is installed over the domain, so this is the very first thing you need to check off your list!

Now, this does not mean just go out and register any old domain name. Your domain name is www.example.com, typically when you have a blog the blog is part of your website which represents your business, so be sure you take your time to pick the right domain name, remember it not only represents our business but it also represents you as well, so do your homework

Where can you register a domain name? Well to be completely honest with you, there are quite a few places that you can register a domain name! O’Fallon Computers offers domain name registration.

There are a handful of other places you can pick from. You can use Go Daddy. You can also use a company called Name cheap these are the top to places I would personally recommend, remember when you purchase a domain name it’s now taken, meaning if you but example.com at GoDaddy the it would not be available at Name cheap as well the domain has simply been registered, and no one can’t pick that up unless you chose to release the domain.

2:) Number too! Now that your domain has been purchased you are going to some web hosting before you go and buy hosting…You need to purchase what’s called WordPress hosting, just having any hosting plan will not do the trick!

There are multiple places that you can purchase hosting including GoDaddy – If you are just getting started with WordPress then Go Daddy is a really great option for you.  I personally used Go Daddy for my website when I got started my business ofalloncomputers.com

Now if you are super tech-savvy and you are up for an adventure I encourage you to check out amazon light sail this is where my website is currently hosted, and it is so fast, I am very pleased and it is surprisingly really affordable, this is a great option if you have a bigger site like a membership site or even a woo commerce store (where you can sell things online) that being said it will also work for if you are a beginner. If you need help setting things to feel free to contact us! We do have additional services to help youtube started.

3:) Next up on the list you are going to need an SSL (this stands for secure socket layer, this is otherwise known as HTTPS and not HTTP the “s” is the SSL part (secure socket layer) most if the time when you purchase your hosting you can make this purchase as well.

I strongly recommend you do this. It will make things a lot easier, oftentimes when you do this hosting provider will add the SSL as a part of your purchase, let me tell you adding an SSL to your domain using just black and white code… This is not fun lol. Try to keep everything in one account it does make things so much easier
If you decide to take the Amazon Light sail route, you can purchase tech support packages to help you get that SSL installed, but either way, you need to have an SSL! Google and Bing both are really cracking down in some cases they are not even indexing sites because they are not secure (they won’t put your website on the search engines like Google and Bing) It just about a requirement, so be sure you have one installed, it also indicates a sign of trust as well, this is a must-have.

4:) A Theme! We are not quite ready to install WordPress, so next thing you will need to do is pick a theme, your theme dictates how your site looks where things are placed like images, and how your blog looks, this is something you want to do your homework on. I encourage you to really look around as there a literally thousands of WordPress themes you can choose from.

One of the places that I really like to go to is themeforest.net! They have just about everything you could possibly imagine, logos themes and so much more….

One  thingsI will mention here is if you decide to outsource your site be sure you tell your web developer that you have a specific theme you wish to use, a lot of companies that offer WordPress themes have subscription options, what I have found is that when you outsource, your web developer may have a specific theme he or she likes to use, they may just have a lifetime license, they may have a specific theme they only work with, so be sure to mention it if it comes up.

My website is built-in in a theme called Divi – I have been using this theme for almost six years I use it on every site I build, I have a subscription type thighs like mentioned above, but O’Fallon computers do not offer web design, I just always like to see what’s possible, that’s the tech i me always looking to see what kind of trouble I can get in to lol.

If you are interested in the Divi theme to check them out using this link the company is called Elegant themes, they not only offer themes but they have a few good plugins as well more on those in just a few short minutes!
5:) Next up Plugins… Ok so this is a dark dark dark dark rabbit Hole, there is this saying if you can’t seem to figure something out in WordPress or you want to add some type of functionality to your site “there’s a plugin for that”

I have so many different plugs that I have never used lol when I first started to learn WordPress I went crazy… and nearly broke lol – A plugin is basically a piece of software that gets installed to add certain functionality to a site, so, for example, let’s say you want to be able to take payment on our site or plugin you could use is something woo commerce, there literally is a plugin for just about anything you can imagine! That being said there are a few you should have, some plugins are free and others are paid… Please contact us to learn more everyone’s business is different so it’s tailored to that particular business.

We are not going to go into every single detail about WordPress that would take literally months, my god I learn something new every time I log and make a change to my site.. The shiny object syndrome gets the best of me

Now comes the good stuff, you are now ready to install WordPress on your domain and get started with building your website / Blog! This is the fun part where you can get to learn and start branding your business!

Well, this is all I have, for now! I hope you got some value from this if you did feel free to like and share this. Until next time! If you need any help at setting things or just have some questions, please feel free to book a call!!


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