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Changes to O'Fallon Computers

You may have recently noticed our website has changed. We're making improvements to the products and services we can offer to our current and potential new customers. O'Fallon Computers was established in 2012. Since then we've been looking for additional services to offer to our new and current customers other than just computer repair service.

This proved to be quite difficult. We did not know exactly what other problems we could solve for out customers other than providing computer repair service. After research we discovered that over the years we serviced a fair amount of residential computers, most of which were some type of home business owner.

With all that in mind, we realized that our new and potential customers needed a simple, secure, and affordable to way to secure their digital footprint for their business. Once again, this proved to be quite difficult to implement. However, after months of putting things togther, we are pleased to annouce the official launch / relaunch of the O'Fallon Computers Small Bussiness Center!

We've worked hard on the back end putting everything together, trying to be sure this was as easy as possible to not only implement, but for our customers to use as well.

The O'Fallon Computers Small Business Center provides everything you need to secure your businesses digital footprint, including Domain Name Regitration, SSL Certificates, Wordpress Hosting, and more!

Additional services are coming to O'Fallon Computers in the near future. Please consider subscribing to updates, as we have lots of great things in the pipeline to help you keep safe online!

If you've supported O'Fallon Computers over the years, we truly do appreciate your support. We are very excited about the future, and are thrilled you get to be a part of it.

Thank you

Tony - O'Fallon Computers