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Internet Scams are on the rise

Unfortunately the number of internet scams and accounts that are being compromised has grown at an alarming rate. As a result, it has become increasingly difficult to keep you and your family safe online. Your privacy, online accounts, and passwords are consistently at risk! This begs the question, how do you stay safe in today’s fast paced digital world?

Staying safe online is no easy task. However, there are preventative measures you can implement to help minimize the risk, and it all starts with your passwords! In today's fast paced digital world you NEED to have stronger passwords.

Using traditional passwords like “Ilovemydogs2023” is not safe any longer. Personal and business email accounts as well as social media accounts are being hacked and compromised every day that passes. I would strongly advise you to consider updating your passwords. Losing an email account or losing precious memories on Facebook is very hard to recover from, not to mention it leaves a lasting effect on you for a lifetime.

Ideally, your passwords need to be around 25-30 characters long. If not longer, they should include numbers and symbols! Now if the voice inside your head just said, “There is no way I'm going to remember a password that long, I have hard enough time remembering my passwords now,” know that you are not alone. We have tons of customers that forget their password every day. It's completely normal, and even I forget my passwords from time to time.

This is where password managers come to the rescue. Password managers help you do three things: First, password managers help you store your passwords securely and safely. Second, they generate strong passwords for you, and finally, they check your password for data breaches. If a password is found in a data breach, do not use it. You are likely on your way to being hacked. How do I know this? Because it happens to me personally, and I am still recovering.

Which password manager is the best to use? Honestly, they all have the same features. Over the past few months I have been using a password manager called Bitwarden. Bitwarden is a free password manager, with premium features. I like Bitwarden because they are privacy friendly, and the software is easy to use. If you are not the most technical person in the world, Bitwarden is the password manager for you.

It’s getting easier and easier for hackers to gain access to your passwords! O’Fallon Computers is always looking for ways to enhance your online safety. Again, it all starts with your passwords.

Stay safe out there!

Tony - O’Fallon Computers