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O’Fallon Computers is your trusted local computer repair source in St. Charles County, MO. If your computer is running slow, a virus or malware is bogging down your activity, or you’re looking to update your hardware and need expert advice, we can help. We also offer a unique service where we can be your personal computer shopper.

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Computer Repairs in St Charles County, MO

O’Fallon Computers offers a variety of services.

If you see a service that is not listed, please feel free to contact us.

Virus Removal

Is your computer running slow? Are you having trouble printing? Are you experiencing annoying pop ups? You may have picked up a virus or malware and it is affecting your computer’s performance and puts your data and secure information at risk. O’Fallon Computers can remove the viruses and get your computer running the way it used toCall today…636-980-6472.

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Data Recovery Services

Loss of data can occur at any time and without warning. As a result, it is very important that you back up your data periodically. O’Fallon Computers can make a FULL backup of your personal information, documents, music, and pictures. Remote assistance is available for this service!

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Lost your data and cannot get it back?


Does your computer seem to have poor performance? Over time computers wear down because of wear and tear, sometimes just upgrading a few parts can make all the difference. Contact us today for a FREE consultation and we can see what the best fit is for you! Call today…636-980-6472.

Configuring Email Accounts

Tired of wasting time logging in to your email? O’Fallon Computers can set you up with a clean interface to check your email. We can even assist you with getting your email on your smartphones…never miss a time-sensitive email again! Call today…636-980-6472.


Operating System Reload

Is your computer is running slow? Think you might have an infection? O’Fallon Computers can set your computer back to factory settings, back up your data, and make it run like the day you got it. Data backup and recovery charges are not included. Ask us for more details! Call today…636-980-6472.

Custom Built Computers

Are you ready for a new computer but not satisfied with the in-store or online options? Maybe it’s all just too confusing? O’Fallon Computers can build a computer to your specific needs. We’ll take you shopping, pick out the parts, build it and show you how to use it, all for an affordable price. Nobody in St Charles County offers this service like we do. It’s quickly becoming our #1 service! Call today…636-980-6472.

Are you ready to Build your own computer?


New Computer Setup

Thinking of buying a new computer? O’Fallon Computers offers a unique service in helping you purchase the perfect computer for your needs. If you’ve already purchased your new computer, we can set it up, make sure all of your wireless components are compatible, transfer data and more. Call today…636-980-6472.

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Wireless Network Setup

Are you having difficulty with slow internet service or connecting all of your devices to your wireless internet? Click here to learn how O’Fallon Computers can help you.

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Why Choose Us


Fast and Efficient Service

Most repairs can be completed within 24 hours!


Remote Assistance Available

No need to unplug your computer and deal with all of those wires! Some services can be done from the comfort of your home!


On Site Services

Don’t feel like bringing your computer to us? Don’t worry we have you covered! We can come to you! Some restrictions may apply!


Affordable Prices

We have done our homework. Our prices are competitive with our competitors!


Locally Owned and Operated

O’Fallon Computes is locally owned and operated. We proudly serve St. Charles County and surrounding areas!


Pick Up and Drop Off Services

Don’t let bad weather stop you from getting your computer fixed! We offer pick up and drop off service some restrictions do apply.

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