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Four secuirty tips to LOCK DOWN your Google email account

In my opinion there's nothing worse than having your Google account compromised. You may not realize it right away but when you lose access to your Google account, you're unable to utilize Googles services like Gmail, Google analytics, Google Ads, and the list goes on.

Something else you may not realize is, it's not just your Google account you will lose access to, you could also lose access to other accounts as well. Have you ever signed up with an account online, and saw the box that said, "Log in with Google?" If your Google account was to be hacked or compromised , you would lose access to that account too, leaving you with a very big headache.

In Google's commercials they talk about having security out of the box, but that is simply not enough. The number one reason Google accounts get hacked is because of not implementing additional security measures to keep the account secure.

The following methods are 100% free to implement, and should be completed for ANY Google account you create. These methods do not prevent you from being comprimised, they help minimise the risk.

Tip number one - Add a recovery email to your Google account. This is extremely helpful if you lose/forget your password. Let me give you a scenario. You're out to eat with family and you receive an email that someone logged into your Gmail account. Unfortunately you cannot access the account to change the password. If you had a recovery email on file you could have, assuming you had email on your phone.

O'Fallon Computers can help you set up your email on your devices. Doing this can come in handy.

Tip number 2 - Add two factor Authentication to your account. Google has you set this up when you create your account. This is a one time code that's sent to you cell phone to verify its you making the the request.

Do not use a land line, always use a cell phone. PRO TIP - If you ever change you phone number, be sure to update the phone on the account. By not taking this step, you run the risk of loosing access to your Google account.

Tip number Three - Set up your Authenticator App. This is a step that is often overlooked. This is a form of Two-Step Authentication. In order to set this up, you need to have a "Authenticator App" on your phone. You can use the Google Authenticator App, which is free, or you can opt for something else paid. This is the route I took. You can find that here.

--> Google Authenticator Android

--> Google Authenitcator IOS

Take the time to set this up. It's worth it. Doing so adds an additinal layer of security to your Google accounts. If you have this option for ANY online account, I strongly encourage you to set this up on those accounts as well.

Tip number four - Use a stronger password. In a previous post I talked about passwords and using a password generator to create stronger passwords. Here is fun fact: Google will let you create an up to 100 character password. Be sure to add some numbers and symbols into the mix. Simple passwords are getting easier and easier for hackers to get past. Need help setting up a password manager? Feel free to reach out out!

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